Healing Frequencies – Vibration

“We all know from physics the concept of resonance (from the Latin resonare, to resound). A tuning fork will vibrate to a note only if the nore corresponds to the frequency of the fork. If this is not the case then, as far as the tuning fork is concerned, the note is not there since the fork cannot pick it. A radio receiver which is tuned to medium wave will, because of its resonance, pick up only medium-waves programs. It cannot receive short-wave and long-wave programs and therefore they do not belong to its ‘world-picture’. Similarly a human being, in order to perceive something, needs to have some corresponding vibration in himself, and his resonance makes the perception possible. Goethe expressed it this way: ‘If the eye were not sun-like it could never glimpse the sun; if God’s own power were not present within us, how could we be stirred and divine?’

This statement of Goethe’s has already taken the law of resonance out of the purely physical plane and transferred it analogically to the sphere that interests us here. Any human being can only reach those parts of reality with which he can resonate. This applies not only to the realm of purely sensual perception, but also to the perception of reality in general. Everthing that lies outside our capacity to resonate cannot be perceived by us and therefore does not exist for us. This is why each person believes that he or she knows what reality is and that no other kind of reality exists. Often we read a book we believe we understandnit fully, even though we can only assimilate from what we read that which is in resonance with our level of awareness at that time. This becomes most obvious when we read certain books after a lapse of some years. Our consciuosness has become enlarged during the interval and therefore we are able to understand the book ‘even better’.

All these examples are to some extant familiar and understandable to everyone, and will therefore serve to illuminate the principal that we wish to apply to human fate in general. We can only make contact with those people, ideas and situations with which we feel a resonance or, as we shal call it in future, an affinity. …” (Thorwald Dethlefsen)

The benefits of raising our vibration:

• aids the body to release stress and tension
• creates a deep feeling of relaxation
• accelerates the body’s ability to self-heal
• allows for peaceful sleep
• may help with acute and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches,
fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiac problems, etc.)
• helps to relieve pain
• removes energy blocks, adjusts the flow of energy of the endocrine system
bringing the body into balance and harmony
• helps shorten healing time after surgery and chemotherapy
• supports the immune system function
• helps the body to release toxins
• increases vitality
• helps get you “unstuck”
• raises the vibrational frequency of the body
• helps with spiritual growth and emotional clearing
• chakra balancing for spiritual well-being
• brings stillness from within
• complements traditional medicine
• helps create optimism
• animals love energy work and respond wonderfully
• numerous other conditions